Domains for sale May 2018

Tips and Tricks on How To Get Top Money for your.Com Domains

Would you want to be that lucky individual who offers their domain for thousands or perhaps a million dollars? It IS possible to find quality domains and resell them for substantial quantities of cash. The time is ripe for getting leading domains and offering them. Now that the Internet Boom lags us, valuable names expire everyday. The very best method to find these domains is to utilize services on the Internet such as DomainsBot to weed out the bad names. Or simply examine out Hot Lists on websites like Namewinner or Pool.

So what makes a “good” domain name? Typically short, single word domains and 2-3 letter.coms, . Nets, and.orgs are the finest. The more specific the much better. These can be tough to come by however when you find them, you can nearly ensure that you can make great cash from them. Once you have acquired a good domain name, get a good appraisal of the name to get a concept of the possible worth (see In order to sell your freshly assessed name, you have to find a buyer. Here are your fundamental options for offering your domain in a nutshell:

1. Sell it on Ebay

This is the easiest and quickest method to sell your domain. There are numerous tricks to landing a good sale at Ebay. One is, begin your rate low. Individuals want a bargain. When you have received an initial quote, it will draw peoples attention to your name and produce more quotes. You may wish to set a reserve price if you desire to ensure you get X quantity of dollars. When offering your domain on Ebay, ensure your domain remains in the title of the description. Likewise, include an appraisal to show to possible buyers the worth of the domain. Keep your description short, tidy, and actually emphasize how crucial and rare your domain is. For instance, if your domain is 3 letters and ends in “I”, stress how most 3 letter domains that are highly important end in “I” since it normally stands for “Incorporated”. If it ends in “E” it could stand for “Enterprise”. A little bit of marketing saavy can go a long way. I as soon as selling the domain 0pp. com for over $200. It even has a number in it making it worth little. However I stress its possible usages and potential. Also, invest the additional $1 for the Bold Listing and ensure your auction ends on a Sunday afternoon or night. This is when many people are browsing Ebay. It will make a big distinction.

2. Sell it on Domain Sites

The only sites you should even consider putting your name up for sale is on, Afternic, or Sedo. These are the most popular and where some substantial sales have actually happened. The only downside is that there are high numbers of domains already for sale and usually the website will get a commission of something around 10%. There also may be a little charge to sign up with. Appraisal Blast charges a minimal cost but no commission. Your domain will get more direct exposure there just since there aren’t numerous domains for sale. You might likewise have luck offering it on forums such as DomainState. The rates of sales there seem to be lower.

Here are some domains for sale in the Domain Name After Market.

3. Contact Large Businesses with Deep Pockets

This approach spends some time and patience. Let’s state you have actually acquired an excellent domain name that would work terrific for any organisation in the field of the stock market. You may want to locate a few of the bigger sites or companies and make an offer to offer your domain. Make sure the name you own doens’t have any aspects that are already trademarked due to the fact that you may be forced to give up the name. You might want to go on the Internet and search for current sites that deal with stocks and find ones that don’t have the biggest domain names. Make offers to these sites specifying how your domain is much better and will HELP them. If you get a business to bite, the benefits are typically very generous!

In summary, selling domains for high amounts of cash depends on two crucial aspects. First you must have a quality domain, one that doesn’t have numbers or isn’t too long. It must be clear and quickly identifiable. “. com “is the best however even domains such as the”. us” are gaining popularity. The 2nd key is Marketing, Marketing, Marketing! I can’t worry that enough. You have to create an excellent factor for someone to purchase your domain. How can THEY take advantage of it? When these 2 steps are satisfied, a sale is almost ensured!

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